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    2007 Komatsu WA380-6

    2007 Komatsu WA380-6

    Hours: 5147
    Model: Komatsu SAA6D107E-1
    Type: Water-cooled, 4-cycle
    Aspiration: Turbocharged, aftercooled
    Number of cylinders: 6
    Bore x stroke: 107 mm x 124 mm 4.21″ x 4.88″
    Piston displacement: 6.69 ltr 408 in3
    Governor: All-speed, electronic
    SAE J1995: Gross 143 kW 192 HP
    ISO 9249/SAE J1349* Net 142 kW 191 HP
    Rated rpm: 2100 rpm
    Fan drive method for radiator cooling: Hydraulic
    Fuel system: Direct injection
    Lubrication system:
    Method: Gear pump, force-lubrication
    Filter: Full-flow type
    Air cleaner: Dry type with double elements and
    dust evacuator, plus dust indicator
    *Net horsepower at the maximum speed of radiator cooling fan is 133 kW 179 HP.
    EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage 3A emissions certified.
    Torque converter:
    Type : 3-element, single-stage, single-phase
    Type: Automatic full-powershift, countershaft type
    Travel speed: km/h mph
    Measured with 20.5-25 tires
    Type: Articulated type, full-hydraulic power steering
    Steering angle: 35° each direction (40° end stop)
    Minimum turning radius at
    the center of outside tire:6320 mm 20’9″
    Steering system:
    Hydraulic pump: : Piston pump
    Capacity 138 ltr/min 36.5 U.S. gal/min at rated rpm
    Relief valve setting 24.5 MPa 250 kgf/cm2 3,555 psi
    Hydraulic cylinders:
    Type: Double-acting, piston type
    Number of cylinders:2
    Bore x stroke: 75 mm x 442 mm 3.0″ x 17.4″
    Loader control:
    Hydraulic pump: : Piston pump
    Capacity:205.5 ltr/min 54.3 U.S. gal/min
    Relief valve setting 31.4 MPa 320 kgf/cm2 4,550 psi
    Hydraulic cylinders:
    Type: Double-acting, piston type
    Number of cylinders—bore x stroke:
    Lift cylinder:2- 130 mm x 713 mm 5.1″ x 28.1″
    Bucket cylinder1- 150 mm x 535 mm 5.9″ x 21.1″
    Control valve: : 2-spool type
    Control positions:
    Boom: Raise, hold, lower, and float
    Bucket: Tilt-back, hold, and dump
    Hydraulic cycle time (rated load in bucket)
    Raise: 5.9 sec
    Dump: 1.8 sec
    Lower (Empty): 3.3 sec


    , Rochester NY

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